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Helen Goodjohn


My Story... Back in 1996 after having my second child and losing my dad to lung cancer, I was at the lowest point in my life. I attended my first Yoga class after practising at home for two months. I quickly discovered that this was my calling. I was fascinated by the ancient practice they called Yoga. I knew there was so much more to Yoga than simply stretching. It became my new love. After six weeks of attending classes, I had a new sense of enthusiasm for life again.

Two years later I enrolled in my first teacher training course. It was very easy to teach Yoga knowing the benefits it had given me. It wasn’t always about having a positive mindset. It was about showing up to my mat with any face, whether that was happy or sad. I knew I could change the way I felt with Yoga. I was certain I could give these tools to others so that they could also make the stresses of life more manageable.

There were many fears and challenges on my Yoga path. I hadn’t written essays for years and with two small children that was difficult. I’m not an extrovert. I can be quite shy, and I had never stood in front of a group of people and spoke about any subject. I faced a new challenge recently with the current global pandemic forcing my classes online. I overcame all of these challenges with time. Listen to your callings in life. Choose something that you feel passionate about and give it ago. There is no failure in trying. 



Helen’s classes are gentle, and invigorating, with stretching, breathing, and positions. We are all used to the "zoom format" now, and Helen delivers a refreshing and relaxing hour that is a real tonic.


Really enjoy the Zoom yoga classes. Love the way Helen talks us through each yoga pose - I find that really helpful. Her online links to her advice on meditation and breathing techniques etc are very helpful too. 


I never want to miss one of Helen's classes. I have felt the health benefits and my strength has improved. Helen is professional and dedicated and really cares about giving us the best possible experience.


I've thoroughly enjoyed Helen's zoom yoga. Classes are sufficiently varied each week, and there is often something new to learn or to think about. It's really helpful being able to dip in and out of different time slots. The quality of the sound and video is good - it's clear and easy to follow instruction. Periodically, Helen also sends emails with links to music or advice on meditation which enhances the overall experience. 


I am a Yin Yoga convert. After my first Zoom Yin class with Helen this week, a nagging sciatic pain along the back of my leg has miraculously disappeared. It's a tougher class than Hatha Yoga as we held postures for 3 minutes to target the body's connective tissue which requires more patience and quietens the mind which is not always easy for me. Helen tells me it's her quietest class of the week, but she won’t give up on it as in her eyes, it's the miracle of the week. Judging from my experience, that is very true.

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